An innovative mentoring program for new business owners
and student entrepreneurs. 

Most businesses fail within the first five years, but NAWBO is committed to helping them succeed! Women Who Win is a five-month mentoring program that pairs seasoned business women with students and new business owners. Participants receive access to on-demand education, coaching and mentoring relationships, and group mastermind sessions focused on the needs of emerging and newly established businesses.

What does the program include?

  • Six in-person Mastermind sessions at the National Entrepreneur Center (one per month during the course of the program)
  • Four on-demand webinars with live Q&A
  • A mentor to help with specific business challenges or emerging business ideas

Who can participate as a mentee?

New business owners, including female students currently enrolled in undergraduate, graduate, or doctorate-level programs who are in business for themselves or are considering starting a business. A small fee is required for mentees but there is no charge for mentors. 

What are the benefits of participating?

Mentees receive access to fantastic webinars led by subject-matter experts plus live workshops tackling the biggest issues facing entrepreneurs. They also receive a certificate of completion, discounted entry into the 2019 PropelHER Business Plan competition, and the opportunity to win in-kind services and prizes. Plus, they'll benefit from networking and even create lifetime relationships. 

Mentors receive the opportunity to share their acquired knowledge and expertise, making a difference in the success of others. They encourage participant entrepreneurs to pursue learning and achieve their dreams, and they receive acknowledgement for their company at our sessions and during the final celebration program. 

 What does it cost?

For mentees, the cost is $100 for NAWBO Orlando members, $125 for nonmembers, and $50 for students. (There is no charge for mentors.)

What are the topics and dates of the webinars and Mastermind sessions?

Topics and dates are listed below. All in-person Mastermind sessions will take place at the National Entrepreneur Center located in the Orlando Fashion Square, 3201 E Colonial Dr., Orlando, FL 32803. 

Welcome, Mix & Mingle   |   Jan. 25  (kickoff event)
Preparing for Success   |   Feb. 15 (webinar) and Feb. 22 (Mastermind session)
Pillars of Planning   |   Mar. 22 (webinar) and Mar. 29 (Mastermind session)
Building Your Brand   |   April 19 (webinar) and April 26 (Mastermind session)
Mastering the Money   |   May 17 (webinar) and May 24 (Mastermind session)
Celebrate the Journey   |   June 14 (closing event)

To participate, simply complete the Mentor or Mentee form below. 


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