Unlock Your True Colors (and Discover Your True Potential)

National Entrepreneur Center (NEC) (map)

What are your true colors, and what do they say about your personality? How do they affect others around you? Can they really improve your productivity and potential on the job? 

Strengthen communication skills and increase productivity utilizing the True Color Personality assessment. Join Stacy O'Mara, licensed counselor and dynamic speaker, as she shares tips from her True Colors Personality Assessment to help you:

  • Strengthen communication and reduce conflict
  • Increase productivity and effectiveness in the workplace
  • Create a high performance team

Thanks to our sponsors, United Capital and Panera Bread! 

Social Media Day

National Entrepreneur Center (map)

Join us for a panel discussion with four industry experts as we explore the latest strides in social media and see how various platforms can boost your business and branding.

You’ll learn:

  • The power of hashtags, analytics and artificial intelligence 
  • Ways to use LinkedIn for business, and what most profiles are leaving out for maximum attraction.
  • Insight into Facebook analytics and how to use paid ads more effectively to convert to increased traffic and revenue.
  • Ways to drive business objectives, conversions, and engagement for boosting business revenue on Instagram.
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