An innovative program for business owners and entrepreneurs. 

Most businesses fail within the first five years, but NAWBO is committed to helping them succeed! Women Who Win is a four-month educational program featuring community leaders and corporate partners supporting the unique needs of emerging and expanding businesses. Participants will gain strong foundational information to build their business concepts as well as tips and best practices from business owners, consultants and executives across various industries.

Each month will feature a webinar hosted by topic experts sharing key concepts to refine your business ideas, goals and growth plans, as well as a live session facilitated by community partners covering practical application of concepts.

Women Who Win participants from 2018.

Women Who Win participants from 2018.

What does the program include?

  • Four webinars on key topics business owners must consider, such as vision, brand, finances, and strategy.

  • Four live sessions, featuring executives from major industries covering key concepts.

  • Special guests, including prior business plan/pitch competition winners. 

Who can participate?

Business women, students, educators, NEC partners, and retirees looking to learn and grow.

What are the benefits of participating?

You’ll receive access to fantastic webinars led by subject-matter experts plus live workshops tackling the biggest issues facing entrepreneurs. Plus, you'll benefit from group mentoring, networking, and you’ll even create lifetime relationships. 

What does it cost?

Students: $50
NAWBO Orlando members: $100
NEC partners: $125
Non-NAWBO members: $150
Just interested in attending the webinars? Join us for free!

What are the topics and dates of the webinars and live sessions?

Topics and dates are listed below. All live sessions will take place at the National Entrepreneur Center located in the Orlando Fashion Square, 3201 E Colonial Dr., Orlando, FL 32803. Webinars are powered by Full Sail University.

  Articulating Your Vision, Mission & Purpose 

  • Webinar, May 13th at 6 pm featuring Emily Wray. Register here.

  • Live session, May 21st at 6 pm featuring Maryann Barry, CEO, Girl Scouts of Citrus; and Janel Young, Managing Director, NavaPets.

  Strategizing for Success

  • Webinar, June 10th at 6 pm featuring Monika Mason. Register here.

  • Live session, June 18th at 6 pm featuring Tonja Graham, Supplier Diversity Specialist, Community Economic Development-Supply Chain, Duke Energy; Mercedes Young, CEO, Vivid Consulting Group LLC; and Jennifer Dickerson, President, EnRep.

Building your Brand

  • Webinar, July 8th at 6 pm, featuring Ken Cossin. Register here.

  • Live session, July 16th at 6 pm, speakers TBD.

Mastering the Money

  • Webinar, August 12th at 6 pm, featuring Christoper Woodward. Register here.

  • Live session, August 20th at 6 pm, featuring Julissa DeGuspie and Lynette Jackson, JP Morgan Chase.

To participate in the full program, register here