• National Entrepreneur Center (map)
  • 3201 East Colonial Drive
  • Orlando, FL, 32803
  • United States

This workshop dives into your natural communication style. Learn your personal “speak” style while understanding the characteristics of those around you to help you better communicate. This session addresses conflict resolution and how often communication is the key to a positive resolve. Whether you have barriers with communicating at work, in your relationships or want to improve communication with your children, these insights are a must have in your “girl power” tool box! Workshop incudes a self-assessment and quick interactive group exercise.

You will learn:

  • What the main communication styles are and how to use them more effectively
  • How to make sure what you intend to say is what others hear
  • How to implement constructive conflict resolution
  • How to overcome communication barriers in business relationships
  • How to identify the key to positive resolve