Q: What if I can’t afford the $50 non-refundable application fee?

A: Applications submitted without the $50 fee will not be eligible for judging. NAWB0’s processing and review fee will not be waived.



Q: Can I call last year’s winners for help with my application?

A: Previous year’s winners will always be involved with the current year’s competition and therefore cannot provide assistance.  Each applicant has an equal opportunity to attend the workshops and to email specific questions to the contest coordinator.



Q: Do I have to attend the Business Plan workshop?

A: Your attendance at the workshop is not mandatory, but strongly encouraged. By attending, you demonstrate your commitment to building a successful business and you gain valuable information to ease the process of writing a viable business plan.



Q: Do I have to be a member of NAWBO to enter the contest?

A: No you do not have to be a member. Members and non-members have an equal shot at winning the contest. However, you are welcome to join NAWBO and attend events prior to entering the contest.



Q: Do I have to have a Federal EIN to enter?

A: Yes.



Q: Can I enter if my business is selling a MLM product?

A: Consultants who are part of a MLM business are not eligible to enter unless they own 51% of the company.



Q: Can I hand deliver my application?

We can only accept applications via the submission section on the website. Please do not drop off or mail applications to the NAWBO Office at the National Entrepreneur Center. These applications will be deemed invalid.



Q: Is there a grace period if I miss the deadline?

A: The deadline is firm. Applications received after the deadline will be ineligible for judging.



Q: When there is a character count requirement on the application, does that mean with spaces?

A: Yes, spaces need to be included in your overall character count.



Q: How can I be sure both my intent to compete and my completed application have been received by NAWBO?

Following each deadline, we will email you a notification of receipt at the email address listed on your application. If you have not heard from NAWBO within one week after your submission, please email an inquiry to businessplancompetition@nawboorlando.org



Q: Can I call someone at NAWBO if I have any other questions?

No, as we want to make this a fair competition for everyone. Please submit your question via the form below and you will receive a response within 72 business hours.


Submit a Question for the 2017 Business Plan Competition

Once you submit your question, please allow 72 hours for a response. Please no phone calls or emails.

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