Foundation Initiatives



Business Plan Competition

The NAWBO Orlando “Driving Your Business Plan” Competition is an exciting opportunity for women business owners to showcase their business venture to prominent Orlando sponsors and business partners while competing for thousands of dollars in cash prizes.  Do you have the winning business plan?  We invite individuals from all disciplines – technology, engineering, business, social and political sciences, to participate in the NAWBO Orlando Driving Your Business Plan Competition, one of NAWBO Orlando’s marquee events celebrating entrepreneurship. 


Women Who Win

The Women Who Win program is designed with the female student entrepreneur in mind. Students who have already begun a business enterprise or who are considering becoming an entrepreneur will be paired with women business owners from the Orlando metropolitan area for Six Monthly Mentoring Sessions. These student entrepreneurs will engage in a monthly workshop, learning skills such as solving problems encountered when starting a business, discover crowdfunding and alternative financing as well as traditional bank funding, gain insights into financial literacy, explore the daily life of an entrepreneur including discussions on processes and personnel, and will also receive insights into creative marketing “buzz” for business.




Community Partners